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headerfootercontent|buttonBTN_TIME|tooltip_text Time
headerfootercontent|extended_tip|buttonBTN_TIME Inserts a placeholder in the selected header/footer area, which is replaced by the current time in the header/footer on each page of the document.
headerfootercontent|extended_tip|comboLB_DEFINED Select a predefined header or footer from the list.
headerfootercontent|label2 Use the buttons to change the font or insert field commands such as date, time, etc.
headerfootercontent|label1 Note
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_HF_NONE_IN_BRACKETS (none)
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_PAGE Page
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_HF_OF_QUESTION of ?
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_HF_CONFIDENTIAL Confidential
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_HF_CREATED_BY Created by
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_HF_CUSTOMIZED Customized
headerfootercontent|labelSTR_HF_OF of
headerfootercontent|extended_tip|HeaderFooterContent Defines or formats a header or footer for a Page Style.
headerfooterdialog|HeaderFooterDialog Headers/Footers
headerfooterdialog|header Header
headerfooterdialog|footer Footer
imoptdialog|ImOptDialog Import File
imoptdialog|charsetft _Character set:
imoptdialog|fieldft _Field delimiter:
imoptdialog|textft Strin_g delimiter:
imoptdialog|asshown Save cell content as _shown
imoptdialog|extended_tip|asshown Enabled by default, data will be saved as displayed, including applied number formats. If this checkbox is not marked, raw data content will be saved, as in older versions of the software.
imoptdialog|formulas Save cell fo_rmulas instead of calculated values
imoptdialog|quoteall _Quote all text cells
imoptdialog|extended_tip|quoteall Exports all text cells with leading and trailing quote characters as set in the Text delimiter box. If not checked, only those text cells get quoted that contain the Field delimiter character.
imoptdialog|fixedwidth Fixed column _width
imoptdialog|extended_tip|fixedwidth Exports all data fields with a fixed width.
imoptdialog|extended_tip|field Choose or enter the field delimiter, which separates data fields.
imoptdialog|extended_tip|text Choose or enter the text delimiter, which encloses every data field.
imoptdialog|extended_tip|charsetdropdown Specifies the character set for text export.
imoptdialog|extended_tip|charsetlist Select the character set from the options used for import/export.


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