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Context English Angika Actions
tpviewpage|grid Hide
extended_tip|grid Specifies when grid lines will be displayed. Default is to display grid lines only on cells that do not have a background color. You can choose to also display grid lines on cells with background color, or to hide them.
extended_tip|color Specifies a color for the grid lines in the current document.
tpviewpage|labelCursor Cu_rsor:
tpviewpage|radiobuttonThemed T_hemed
tpviewpage|radiobuttonThemedTip Show the cursor as defined in the icon theme, typically as fat cross.
tpviewpage|radiobuttonSystem S_ystem
tpviewpage|radiobuttonSystemTip Show the cursor as system default, typically an arrow pointer.
tpviewpage|label1 Visual Aids
tpviewpage|objgrf_label Ob_jects/Images:
tpviewpage|diagram_label Char_ts:
tpviewpage|draw_label _Drawing objects:
tpviewpage|objgrf Show
tpviewpage|objgrf Hide
extended_tip|objgrf Defines if objects and graphics are shown or hidden.
tpviewpage|diagram Show
tpviewpage|diagram Hide
extended_tip|diagram Defines if charts in your document are shown or hidden.
tpviewpage|draw Show
tpviewpage|draw Hide
extended_tip|draw Defines if drawing objects in your document are shown or hidden.
tpviewpage|label2 Objects
extended_tip|TpViewPage Defines which elements of the %PRODUCTNAME Calc main window are displayed. You can also show or hide highlighting of values in tables.
ttestdialog|variable1-range-label Variable 1 range:
ttestdialog|variable2-range-label Variable 2 range:
ttestdialog|output-range-label Results to:
ttestdialog|label1 Data
ttestdialog|groupedby-columns-radio Columns
ttestdialog|groupedby-rows-radio Rows
ttestdialog|label2 Grouped by
ttestdialog|extended_tip|TTestDialog Calculates the paired t-Test of two data samples.


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