English XqDTh
Context English hye (generated) (hye) Actions
bulletandposition|fromfile From file...
bulletandposition|gallery Gallery
bulletandposition|DrawPRTLDialog Bullets and Numbering
bulletandposition|label1 Level
bulletandposition|label4 Type:
bulletandposition|extended_tip|numfmtlb Select the level(s) that you want to modify. To apply the options to all the levels, select “1-10”.
bulletandposition|startatft Start at:
bulletandposition|startat 1
bulletandposition|extended_tip|startat For ordered lists, select the value of first item of the list.
bulletandposition|bulletft Character:
bulletandposition|bullet Select...
bulletandposition|extended_tip|bullet Select the character for the unordered list.
bulletandposition|bitmap Select image...
bulletandposition|extended_tip|bitmap Select a graphic bullet.
bulletandposition|colorft Color:
bulletandposition|extended_tip|color Select the color of the list characters for ordered and unordered lists.
bulletandposition|label2 Properties
bulletandposition|prefixft Before:
bulletandposition|suffixft After:
bulletandposition|extended_tip|suffix Enter the text to display after the numbering.
bulletandposition|extended_tip|prefix Enter the text to display before the numbering.
bulletandposition|beforeafter Separator
bulletandposition|widthft Width:
bulletandposition|heightft Height:
bulletandposition|extended_tip|widthmf Enter the width of the graphic bullet character.
bulletandposition|extended_tip|heightmf Enter the height of the graphic bullet character.
bulletandposition|relsize 100
bulletandposition|extended_tip|relsize For character unordered and ordered lists, set the relative size of the list character. The relative size applies to the Before and After text as well.
bulletandposition|relsizeft _Rel. size:
bulletandposition|keepratio Keep ratio
bulletandposition|extended_tip|keepratio Check this box to preserve the height to width ratio of the graphic bullet.


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English hye (generated) (hye)
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