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Context English hye (generated) (hye) Actions
bulletandposition|keepratio Keep ratio
bulletandposition|extended_tip|keepratio Check this box to preserve the height to width ratio of the graphic bullet.
bulletandposition|beforeafter Size
bulletandposition|indent Indent:
bulletandposition|numberingwidth Width:
bulletandposition|indentmf 0,00
bulletandposition|extended_tip|indentmf Enter the distance from the left edge of the containing object to the start of all lines in the list.
bulletandposition|numberingwidthmf 0,00
bulletandposition|extended_tip|numberingwidthmf Enter or select the width of the list element.
bulletandposition|relative Relati_ve
bulletandposition|extended_tip|relative Relative to the upper list level. The entered value is added to that of this field in the level before. If “Indent: 20mm” on list level 1 and “Indent: 10mm Relative” on list level 2 will result in an effective indent of 30mm for level 2.
bulletandposition|extended_tip|center Align bullet on the center of the list element.
bulletandposition|extended_tip|left Align bullet on the left of the list element.
bulletandposition|extended_tip|right Align bullet on the right of the list element.
bulletandposition|ALlabel Alignment:
bulletandposition|position Position
bulletandposition|sliderb Slide
bulletandposition|extended_tip|sliderb Applies the modification to the whole slide or page.
bulletandposition|selectionrb Selection
bulletandposition|extended_tip|left Applies the modification to the selection.
bulletandposition|applytomaster Apply to Master
bulletandposition|extended_tip|applytomaster Click to apply the modification to all slides that use the current master slide.
bulletandposition|scopelb Scope
bulletandposition|label Preview
calloutdialog|CalloutDialog Position and Size
calloutdialog|RID_SVXPAGE_POSITION_SIZE Position and Size
calloutdialog|RID_SVXPAGE_SWPOSSIZE Position and Size
calloutdialog|RID_SVXPAGE_CAPTION Callout
calloutpage|extended_tip|valueset Click the Callout style that you want to apply to the selected callout.
calloutpage|label2 _Extension:
calloutpage|liststore1 Optimal


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English hye (generated) (hye)
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9 months ago
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9 months ago
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hye/cui/messages.po, string 1005