English EAyZn
Context English hye (generated) (hye)
pickgraphicpage|label25 Selection
pickgraphicpage|extended_tip|PickGraphicPage Displays the different graphics that you can use as bullets in a bulleted list.
picknumberingpage|extended_tip|valueset Click the numbering scheme that you want to use.
picknumberingpage|label25 Selection
picknumberingpage|extended_tip|PickNumberingPage Displays the different numbering schemes that you can apply.
pickoutlinepage|extended_tip|valueset Click the outline style that you want to use.
pickoutlinepage|label25 Selection
pickoutlinepage|extended_tip|PickOutlinePage Displays the different styles that you can apply to a hierarchical list. %PRODUCTNAME supports up to nine outline levels in a list hierarchy.
positionpage|normal Normal
positionpage|superscript Superscript
positionpage|subscript Subscript
positionpage|raiselower Raise/lower by
positionpage|automatic Automatic
positionpage|relativefontsize Relative font size
positionpage|label20 Position
positionpage|0deg 0 degrees
positionpage|90deg 90 degrees
positionpage|270deg 270 degrees
positionpage|label24 Scale width
positionpage|fittoline Fit to line
positionpage|rotateandscale Rotation / Scaling
positionpage|scale Scaling
positionpage|label7 Character spacing
positionpage|pairkerning Pair kerning
positionpage|label22 Spacing
positionpage|preview-atkobject Preview
positionsizedialog|PositionAndSizeDialog Position and Size
positionsizedialog|RID_SVXPAGE_POSITION_SIZE Position and Size
positionsizedialog|RID_SVXPAGE_SWPOSSIZE Position and Size
positionsizedialog|RID_SVXPAGE_ANGLE Rotation
positionsizedialog|RID_SVXPAGE_SLANT Slant & Corner Radius


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English hye (generated) (hye)
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