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aboutdialog|lbEnvironment Environment:
aboutdialog|lbExtra Misc:
aboutdialog|lbLocale Locale:
aboutdialog|lbUI User Interface:
aboutdialog|description %PRODUCTNAME is a modern, easy-to-use, open source productivity suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more.
aboutdialog|credits Credits
aboutdialog|website Website
aboutdialog|releasenotes Release Notes
aboutdialog|lbVersionInfo Version Information
aboutdialog|btnCopyVersionTooltip Copy all version information in English
accelconfigpage|tooltip|shortcuts To quickly find a shortcut in this list, simply press the key combination.
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|shortcuts Lists the shortcut keys and the associated commands. To assign or modify the shortcut key for the command selected in the Function list, click a shortcut in this list, and then click Modify.
To quickly find a shortcut in this list, simply press the key combination.
accelconfigpage|label21 Shortcu_t Keys
accelconfigpage|office %PRODUCTNAME
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|office Displays shortcut keys that are common to all %PRODUCTNAME applications.
accelconfigpage|module $(MODULE)
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|module Displays shortcut keys for the current %PRODUCTNAME application.
accelconfigpage|change _Modify
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|change Assigns the key combination selected in the Shortcut keys list to the command selected in the Function list.
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|delete Deletes the selected element or elements without requiring confirmation.
accelconfigpage|load _Load...
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|load Replaces the shortcut key configuration with one that was previously saved.
accelconfigpage|save _Save...
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|save Saves the current shortcut key configuration, so that you can load it later.
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|reset Resets modified values back to the default values.
accelconfigpage|searchEntry Type to search
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|searchEntry Type here to search in the list of functions.
accelconfigpage|label23 _Category
accelconfigpage|label24 _Function
accelconfigpage|label25 _Keys
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|category Lists the available function categories. To assign shortcuts to Styles, open the "Styles" category.


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English hye (generated) (hye)
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