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optsavepage|userautosave Automatically save the document too
userautosave Specifies that %PRODUCTNAME saves all open documents when saving auto recovery information. Uses the same time interval as AutoRecovery does.
optsavepage|relative_fsys Save URLs relative to file system
relative_fsys Select this box for relative saving of URLs in the file system.
optsavepage|docinfo _Edit document properties before saving
docinfo Specifies that the Properties dialog will appear every time you select the Save As command.
optsavepage|relative_inet Save URLs relative to internet
relative_inet Select this box for relative saving of URLs to the Internet.
optsavepage|backup Al_ways create backup copy
backup Saves the previous version of a document as a backup copy whenever you save a document. Every time %PRODUCTNAME creates a backup copy, the previous backup copy is replaced. The backup copy gets the extension .BAK.
optsavepage|label2 Save
optsavepage|warnalienformat Warn when not saving in ODF or default format
warnalienformat You can choose to get a warning message when you save a document in a format that is not OpenDocument or which you did not set as default format in Load/Save - General in the Options dialog box.
optsavepage|odfwarning_label Not using ODF 1.3 Extended may cause information to be lost.
optsavepage|odfversion 1.0/1.1
optsavepage|odfversion 1.2
optsavepage|odfversion 1.2 Extended (compatibility mode)
optsavepage|odfversion 1.2 Extended
optsavepage|odfversion 1.3
optsavepage|odfversion 1.3 Extended (recommended)
odfversion Some companies or organizations may require ODF documents in the ODF 1.0/1.1, or ODF 1.2 format. You can select these format to save in the listbox. These older formats cannot store all new features, so the new format ODF 1.3 (Extended) is recommended where possible.
optsavepage|label5 ODF format version:
optsavepage|saveas_label Always sa_ve as:
optsavepage|doctype Text document
optsavepage|doctype HTML document
optsavepage|doctype Master document
optsavepage|doctype Spreadsheet
optsavepage|doctype Presentation
optsavepage|doctype Drawing
optsavepage|doctype Formula
doctype Specifies the document type for which you want to define the default file format.


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