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Context English Actions
aboutconfigdialog|edit Edit
extended_tip|edit Opens a dialog to edit the preference.
aboutconfigdialog|reset Reset
extended_tip|reset Undo changes done so far in this dialog.
extended_tip|searchEntry Type the preference you want to display in the text area
aboutconfigdialog|searchButton _Search
extended_tip|searchButton Click to search your preference text in the Preferences tree.
aboutconfigdialog|preference Preference Name
aboutconfigdialog|property Property
aboutconfigdialog|type Type
aboutconfigdialog|value Value
extended_tip|preferences List the preferences organized hierarchically in a tree layout.
aboutconfigvaluedialog|AboutConfigValueDialog Name
aboutconfigvaluedialog|label1 Value:
aboutdialog|AboutDialog About %PRODUCTNAME
aboutdialog|lbVersion Version:
aboutdialog|lbBuild Build:
aboutdialog|lbEnvironment Environment:
aboutdialog|lbExtra Misc:
aboutdialog|lbLocale Locale:
aboutdialog|lbUI User Interface:
aboutdialog|description %PRODUCTNAME is a modern, easy-to-use, open source productivity suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more.
aboutdialog|credits Credits
aboutdialog|website Website
aboutdialog|releasenotes Release Notes
aboutdialog|lbVersionInfo Version Information
aboutdialog|btnCopyVersionTooltip Copy all version information in English
accelconfigpage|tooltip|shortcuts To quickly find a shortcut in this list, simply press the key combination.
accelconfigpage|extended_tip|shortcuts Lists the shortcut keys and the associated commands. To assign or modify the shortcut key for the command selected in the Function list, click a shortcut in this list, and then click Modify.
To quickly find a shortcut in this list, simply press the key combination.
accelconfigpage|label21 Shortcu_t Keys
accelconfigpage|office %PRODUCTNAME
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This translation Propagated Read only LibreOffice UI – 7.2/cui/messages
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Read only LibreOffice UI – 7.2/writerperfect/messages


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