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extended_tip|unknowntag Mark this check box if you want tags that are not recognized by %PRODUCTNAME to be imported as fields.
opthtmlpage|numbersenglishus _Use '%ENGLISHUSLOCALE' locale for numbers
extended_tip|numbersenglishus If not checked, numbers will be interpreted according to the setting in Language Settings - Language of - Locale setting in the Options dialog box. If checked, numbers will be interpreted as 'English (USA)' locale.
opthtmlpage|label2 Import
opthtmlpage|charsetFT Character _set:
extended_tip|charset Select the appropriate character set for the export
opthtmlpage|savegrflocal _Copy local images to Internet
extended_tip|savegrflocal Mark this check box to automatically upload the embedded pictures to the Internet server when uploading using FTP. Use the Save As dialog to save the document and enter a complete FTP URL as the file name in the Internet.
opthtmlpage|printextension _Print layout
extended_tip|printextension If you mark this field, the print layout of the current document (for example, table of contents with justified page numbers and dot leaders) is exported as well.
opthtmlpage|starbasicwarning Display _warning
extended_tip|starbasicwarning If this field is marked, when exporting to HTML a warning is shown that %PRODUCTNAME Basic macros will be lost.
opthtmlpage|starbasic LibreOffice _Basic
extended_tip|starbasic Mark this check box to include the %PRODUCTNAME Basic instructions when exporting to HTML format.
opthtmlpage|label3 Export
extended_tip|OptHtmlPage Defines settings for HTML pages.
optionsdialog|OptionsDialog Options
optionsdialog|revert Unsaved modifications to this tab are reverted.
optionsdialog|extended_tip|revert Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.
optionsdialog|apply Save all modifications without closing dialog. Cannot be reverted with Reset.
optionsdialog|ok Save all changes and close dialog.
optionsdialog|extended_tip|ok Saves all changes and closes dialog.
optionsdialog|cancel Discard all unsaved changes and close dialog.
optionsdialog|extended_tip|cancel Closes dialog and discards all unsaved changes.
optjsearchpage|matchcase _uppercase/lowercase
extended_tip|matchcase Specifies the options to be treated as equal in a search.
optjsearchpage|matchfullhalfwidth _full-width/half-width forms
extended_tip|matchfullhalfwidth Specifies the options to be treated as equal in a search.
optjsearchpage|matchhiraganakatakana _hiragana/katakana
extended_tip|matchhiraganakatakana Specifies the options to be treated as equal in a search.
optjsearchpage|matchcontractions _contractions (yo-on, sokuon)


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