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opthtmlpage|ignorefontnames Ignore _font settings
extended_tip|ignorefontnames Mark this check box to ignore all font settings when importing. The fonts that were defined in the HTML Page Style will be the fonts that will be used.
opthtmlpage|unknowntag _Import unknown HTML tags as fields
extended_tip|unknowntag Mark this check box if you want tags that are not recognized by %PRODUCTNAME to be imported as fields.
opthtmlpage|numbersenglishus _Use '%ENGLISHUSLOCALE' locale for numbers
extended_tip|numbersenglishus If not checked, numbers will be interpreted according to the setting in Language Settings - Language of - Locale setting in the Options dialog box. If checked, numbers will be interpreted as 'English (USA)' locale.
opthtmlpage|label2 Import
opthtmlpage|charsetFT Character _set:
extended_tip|charset Select the appropriate character set for the export
opthtmlpage|savegrflocal _Copy local images to Internet
extended_tip|savegrflocal Mark this check box to automatically upload the embedded pictures to the Internet server when uploading using FTP. Use the Save As dialog to save the document and enter a complete FTP URL as the file name in the Internet.
opthtmlpage|printextension _Print layout
extended_tip|printextension If you mark this field, the print layout of the current document (for example, table of contents with justified page numbers and dot leaders) is exported as well.
opthtmlpage|starbasicwarning Display _warning
extended_tip|starbasicwarning If this field is marked, when exporting to HTML a warning is shown that %PRODUCTNAME Basic macros will be lost.
opthtmlpage|starbasic LibreOffice _Basic
extended_tip|starbasic Mark this check box to include the %PRODUCTNAME Basic instructions when exporting to HTML format.
opthtmlpage|label3 Export
extended_tip|OptHtmlPage Defines settings for HTML pages.
optionsdialog|OptionsDialog Options
optionsdialog|revert Unsaved modifications to this tab are reverted.
optionsdialog|extended_tip|revert Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.
optionsdialog|apply Save all modifications without closing dialog. Cannot be reverted with Reset.
optionsdialog|ok Save all changes and close dialog.
optionsdialog|extended_tip|ok Saves all changes and closes dialog.
optionsdialog|cancel Discard all unsaved changes and close dialog.
optionsdialog|extended_tip|cancel Closes dialog and discards all unsaved changes.
optjsearchpage|matchcase _uppercase/lowercase
extended_tip|matchcase Specifies the options to be treated as equal in a search.
optjsearchpage|matchfullhalfwidth _full-width/half-width forms
extended_tip|matchfullhalfwidth Specifies the options to be treated as equal in a search.


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