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LibreOffice Help – 7.0 / text/scalc/05Dutch

Committed changes 3 months ago
<emph>Interpreter: </emph>Macro not found.
<emph>Vertaler: </emph>Macro niet gevonden.
3 months ago
No Macro
Geen macro
3 months ago
<emph>Interpreter: </emph>AddIn not found.
<emph>Vertaler: </emph>Plug-in niet gevonden.
3 months ago
No AddIn
Geen Plug-in
3 months ago
invalid names (instead of Err:525 cell displays #NAME?)
ongeldige namen (in plaats van Err:525 toont de cel #NAAM?)
3 months ago
invalid references (instead of Err:524 cell displays #REF!)
ongeldige referenties (in plaats van Err:524 toont de cel #REF!)
3 months ago
3 months ago
No code or no result.
Geen code noch resltaat.
3 months ago
Internal syntax error (instead of Err:521 cell displays #NULL!)
Interne syntaxis fout (in plaats van Err:521 toont de cel #NULL!)
3 months ago
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