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Committed changes a year ago
<variable id="sytextygitter"><ahelp hid=".uno:ToggleGridHorizontal">The <emph>Horizontal Grids</emph> icon on the <emph>Formatting</emph> bar toggles the visibility of the grid display for the Y axis.</ahelp></variable> It switches between the three states: no grid, major grid and both major and minor grids displayed. The change will affect check boxes in <emph>Insert - Grids</emph>.
<variable id="sytextygitter"><ahelp hid=".uno:ToggleGridHorizontal">Ikon <emph>Kisi Horisontal</emph> pada batangilah <emph>Pemformatan</emph> menjungkitkan kenampakan tampilan kisi bagi sumbu Y.</ahelp></variable> Itu bertukar antara tiga keadaan: tanpa kisi, kisi mayor ditampilkan, serta kedua kisi mayor dan minor ditampilkan. Perubahan akan mempengaruhi kotak coentreang dalam <emph>Sisip - Kisi</emph>.
a year ago
<ahelp hid="." visibility="hidden">Switches the current row with its neighbor above.</ahelp>
<ahelp hid="." visibility="hidden">Menukar baris saat ini dengan tetangga di atasnya.</ahelp>
a year ago
<ahelp hid="." visibility="hidden">Switches the current column with its neighbor at the left.</ahelp>
<ahelp hid="." visibility="hidden">Menukarkan kolom saat ini dengan tetangga kirinya.</ahelp>
a year ago
<ahelp hid=".">Opens the<emph> Data Table </emph>dialog where you can edit the chart data.</ahelp>
<ahelp hid=".">Membuka dialog <emph>Tabel Data</emph> dimana Anda dapat menyunting data bagan.</ahelp>
a year ago
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