Context English Angika
linefragment|SFX_ST_EDIT ...
STR_MSG_QUERY_COPY $1 could not be moved to the category "$2". Do you want to copy the template instead?
STR_MSG_EXPORT_SUCCESS $1 templates successfully exported.
STR_NO_ABS_URI_REF "$(ARG1)" cannot be passed to an external application to open it (e.g., it might not be an absolute URL, or might denote no existing file).
optprintpage|reducebitmapdpi 150 DPI (Fax)
optprintpage|reducebitmapdpi 200 DPI (default)
optprintpage|reducebitmapdpi 300 DPI
optprintpage|reducebitmapdpi 600 DPI
optprintpage|reducebitmapdpi 72 DPI
optprintpage|reducebitmapdpi 96 DPI
stock _Add
templatedlg|online_link|tooltip_text Add more templates via extension
custominfopage|add Add _Property
addtargetdialog|AddTargetDialog Add Target
autoredactdialog|add Add Target
bookmarkdialog|BookmarkDialog Add to Bookmarks
helpwindow|bookmarks|tooltip_text Add to Bookmarks
templatedlg|applist All Applications
templatedlg|folderlist All Categories