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ANALYSIS_Isodd Number
ANALYSIS_Isodd The number
ANALYSIS_Multinomial Returns the multinomial coefficient of a set of numbers
ANALYSIS_Multinomial Number
ANALYSIS_Multinomial Number or list of numbers for which you want the multinomial coefficient
ANALYSIS_Seriessum Returns the sum of a power series
ANALYSIS_Seriessum X
ANALYSIS_Seriessum The independent variable of the power series
ANALYSIS_Seriessum N
ANALYSIS_Seriessum The initial power to which x is to be raised
ANALYSIS_Seriessum M
ANALYSIS_Seriessum The increment by which to increase n for each term in the series
ANALYSIS_Seriessum Coefficients
ANALYSIS_Seriessum Set of coefficients by which each successive power of the variable x is multiplied
ANALYSIS_Quotient Returns the integer portion of a division
ANALYSIS_Quotient Numerator
ANALYSIS_Quotient The dividend
ANALYSIS_Quotient Denominator
ANALYSIS_Quotient The divisor
ANALYSIS_Mround Returns a number rounded to a specified multiple