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RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your date acceptance pattern is inappropriate? Use Tools ▸ Options ▸ Language Settings ▸ Language ▸ Date acceptance patterns to tweak the pattern.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your donations support our worldwide community.
signsignatureline|label_name Your Name:
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your numbers are displayed as ### in your spreadsheet? The column is too narrow to display all digits.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY Your Writer document does not reopen with the text cursor at the same editing position it was when you saved it? Add First or Last name in Tools ▸ Options ▸ %PRODUCTNAME ▸ User Data ▸ First/last name.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY You want to add x months to a date? Use =EDATE(date;months).
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY You want to start working with Basic macros? Take a look at the examples under Tools ▸ Macros ▸ Edit Macros.
RID_CUI_TIPOFTHEDAY You would like to view the calculation of individual elements of a formula, select the respective elements and press F9.
optuserpage|icityft _Zip/city:
zip-atkobject Zip code
izip-atkobject Zip code
zoomdialog|label2 Zoom Factor
zoomdialog|ZoomDialog Zoom & View Layout