Context English Romanian
STR_ABSTRACT_TITLE Abstract: Rezumat:
STR_FDLG_TEMPLATE_NAME separated by: Stiluri:
STR_PAGEOFFSET Page number: Număr pagină
STR_WESTERN_FONT Western text: Text Western:
STR_CJK_FONT Asian text: Text Asian:
STR_PARAGRAPH_SIGN_UNDO Paragraph sign Paragraful este
STR_QUERY_DELETE_GROUP1 Delete the category Elimină categoria
FMT_FF_NAME_NOEXT File name without extension Nume fișier fără extensie
STR_REDLINE_TABLE_ROW_INSERT Row Inserted Rând inserat
STR_LEVEL Level Nivel
STR_FILE_NOT_FOUND The file, "%1" in the "%2" path could not be found. Fișierul "%1" de pe calea "%2" nu a putut fi găsit.
STR_CHARSTYLE Character Style: Stil caracter:
STR_TEXTCOLL_HEADER (Paragraph Style: (Stil paragraf:
STR_SIGNED_BY Signed-by Semnat de
characterproperties|CharacterPropertiesDialog Character Caracter
columnpage|liststore2 Page Style: Stil pagină:
dropdownfielddialog|DropdownFieldDialog Choose Item: Alege un element:
insertfootnote|characterentry-atkobject Character Caracter
renameobjectdialog|RenameObjectDialog Rename object: Redenumește obiect: