Context English Xhosa
ANALYSIS_Workday Start date Qalisa apha
ANALYSIS_Workday The start date
ANALYSIS_Workday Holidays
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac Returns the number of years (including fractional part) between two dates
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac Start date Qalisa apha
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac The start date
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac End date
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac The end date
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac Basis
ANALYSIS_Yearfrac Basis indicates the day-count convention to use in the calculation
ANALYSIS_Edate Start date Qalisa apha
ANALYSIS_Edate The start date
ANALYSIS_Edate Months Iinyanga
ANALYSIS_Edate Number of months before or after the start date Inani leentsuku zokusebenza phambi okanye emva komhla wokuqalisa
ANALYSIS_Weeknum Returns the number of the calendar week in which the specified date occurs.
This function exists for interoperability with older Microsoft Excel documents, for new documents use WEEKNUM instead.
ANALYSIS_Weeknum The date or date serial number
ANALYSIS_Weeknum Indicates the first day of the week (1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday)
ANALYSIS_Eomonth Start date Qalisa apha
ANALYSIS_Eomonth The start date
ANALYSIS_Eomonth Months Iinyanga