Context English Xhosa
ANALYSIS_Accrint Issue Umikeli
ANALYSIS_Accrint Settlement
ANALYSIS_Accrint The settlement
ANALYSIS_Accrint Rate Umhla
ANALYSIS_Accrint The rate Lo mhla
ANALYSIS_Accrint Par
ANALYSIS_Accrint The par value
ANALYSIS_Accrint Frequency
ANALYSIS_Accrint The frequency
ANALYSIS_Accrint Basis
ANALYSIS_Accrint The basis
ANALYSIS_Accrintm Issue Umikeli
ANALYSIS_Accrintm The issue date
ANALYSIS_Accrintm Settlement
ANALYSIS_Accrintm The settlement
ANALYSIS_Accrintm Rate Umhla
ANALYSIS_Accrintm The rate Lo mhla
ANALYSIS_Accrintm Par
ANALYSIS_Accrintm The par value
ANALYSIS_Accrintm Basis