Context English Xhosa
ANALYSIS_Eomonth Number of months before or after the start date Inani leentsuku zokusebenza phambi okanye emva komhla wokuqalisa
ANALYSIS_Networkdays Returns the number of workdays between two dates.
This function exists for interoperability with older Microsoft Excel documents, for new documents use NETWORKDAYS instead.
ANALYSIS_Networkdays Start date Qalisa apha
ANALYSIS_Networkdays The start date
ANALYSIS_Networkdays End date
ANALYSIS_Networkdays The end date
ANALYSIS_Networkdays Holidays
ANALYSIS_Iseven Number Inani 1
ANALYSIS_Iseven The number
ANALYSIS_Isodd Number Inani 1
ANALYSIS_Isodd The number
ANALYSIS_Multinomial Number Inani 1
ANALYSIS_Seriessum X
ANALYSIS_Seriessum N
ANALYSIS_Quotient Numerator ~Isahlulo seqhezu
ANALYSIS_Quotient The dividend
ANALYSIS_Quotient Denominator ~Unani phantsi
ANALYSIS_Quotient The divisor
ANALYSIS_Mround Number Inani 1
ANALYSIS_Sqrtpi Number Inani 1