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browserpage|help Help
choosedatasourcedialog|ChooseDataSourceDialog Choose Data Source
choosedatasourcedialog|label1 Entry
combobox|TBC_FT_SOURCE Table
contentfieldpage|label1 Existing fields
contentfieldpage|label3 Display field
contenttablepage|contenttypelabel Content type
contenttablepage|datasourcelabel Data source
contenttablepage|formsettings Form
contenttablepage|formtablelabel Content
contenttablepage|label2 Control
contenttablepage|label3 On the right side, you see all the tables from the data source of the form.

Choose the table from which the data should be used as basis for the list content:
controlfontdialog|ControlFontDialog Character
controlfontdialog|font Font
controlfontdialog|fonteffects Font Effects
datasourcepage|available Make this address book available to all modules in %PRODUCTNAME.
datasourcepage|browse Browse...
datasourcepage|embed Embed this address book definition into the current document.
datasourcepage|label2 That was all the information necessary to integrate your address data into %PRODUCTNAME.

Now, just enter the name under which you want to register the data source in %PRODUCTNAME.
datasourcepage|locationft Location