Context English Bavarian
formlinksdialog|FormLinks Link fields
formlinksdialog|suggestButton Suggest
formlinksdialog|explanationLabel Sub forms can be used to display detailed data about the current record of the master form. To do this, you can specify which columns in the sub form match which columns in the master form.
formlinksdialog|detailLabel label
formlinksdialog|masterLabel label
hyperlinkfield|tooltip Activate link
labelselectiondialog|LabelSelectionDialog Label Field Selection
labelselectiondialog|label These are control fields that can be used as label fields for the $controlclass$ $controlname$.
labelselectiondialog|noassignment _No assignment
multiline|tooltip Multiline Editing
taborder|TabOrderDialog Tab Order
taborder|upB _Move Up
taborder|downB Move _Down
taborder|autoB _Automatic Sort
taborder|label2 Controls