Context English Friulian
STR_CERTIFICATE_NOT_VALIDATED The certificate could not be validated. Impussibil validâ il certificât.
STR_VERSION Version Version
STR_SERIALNUM Serial Number Numar seriâl
STR_ISSUER Issuer Emitent
STR_VALIDFROM Valid From Valit dal
STR_VALIDTO Valid to Valit fin ai
STR_SUBJECT Subject Argoment
STR_SUBJECT_PUBKEY_ALGO Subject Algorithm Algoritmi dal ogjet
STR_SUBJECT_PUBKEY_VAL Public Key Clâf publiche
STR_SIGNATURE_ALGO Signature Algorithm Algoritmi de firme
STR_USE Certificate Use Ûs dai certificâts
STR_THUMBPRINT_MD5 Thumbprint MD5 Stamp MD5
STR_XMLSECDLG_OLD_ODF_FORMAT This document contains signatures in ODF 1.1 ( 2.x) format. Signing documents in %PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION requires ODF 1.2 format version. Thus no signatures can be added or removed to this document.

Save document in ODF 1.2 format and add all desired signatures again.
Chest document al conten firmis in formât ODF 1.1 ( 2.x). La firme do documents in %PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION e à bisugne de version ODF 1.2. Duncje nol è pussibil zontâ o gjavâ firmis in chest document.

Salve il document tal formât ODF 1.2 e zonte di gnûf dutis lis firmis desideradis.
STR_XMLSECDLG_QUERY_REMOVEDOCSIGNBEFORESIGN Adding or removing a macro signature will remove all document signatures.
Do you really want to continue?
La zonte o la rimozion di une firme di macro e eliminarà dutis lis firmis tal document.
Continuâ distès?
STR_XMLSECDLG_QUERY_REALLYREMOVE Document signature cannot be restored, once removed.
Do you really want to remove selected signature?
Une volte gjavade, la firme dal document no pues jessi ripristinade.
Gjavâ pardabon la firme selezionade?
STR_XMLSECDLG_SIGNING_FAILED An error occurred while adding the signature. Si è verificât un erôr inant che si zontave la firme.
STR_XMLSECDLG_NO_CERT_MANAGER Could not find any certificate manager. Impussibil cjatâ un gjestôr di certificâts.
STR_XMLSECDLG_NO_CERT_FOUND Could not find the certificate. Impussibil cjatâ il certificât.
RID_XMLSECWB_NO_MOZILLA_PROFILE Digital signatures functionality could not be used, because no Mozilla user profile was found. Please check the Mozilla installation. Impussibil doprâ la funzionalitât di firme digjitâl parcè che nol è stât cjatât nissun profîl utent di Mozilla. Controlâ la instalazion di Mozilla.